Brand Growth Recipe with Big Chicken and Dog Haus Leadership


First up, we'll be exploring the incredible journey of Big Chicken, a fast casual giant that's redefining the way we think about chicken. Stay tuned as we sit down with their visionary CEO, Josh Halpern, to uncover the secret recipe behind their remarkable growth and exciting future plans.

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Also, in the episode, we'll take you on a savory journey with Dog Haus, the pioneers of gourmet hot dogs and sausages. Join us as we chat with their innovative team about how they've met and exceeded the ever-evolving demands of the next-gen food consumers.


The meteoric growth of the Big Chicken brand has been nothing short of extraordinary in the ever-evolving landscape of fast-food chains. Recently, their journey reached a significant milestone with the appointment of Josh Halpern as CEO. This strategic move has injected fresh leadership and vision into the company, propelling it to new heights. Under Halpern's guidance, Big Chicken has embarked on a mission to satisfy taste buds and cater to the next generation of consumers' ever-changing food demands.

In a parallel culinary universe, the Dog Haus brand has been making its own waves. Their innovative approach to gourmet hot dogs and sausages has struck a chord with the discerning palates of modern consumers. Dog Haus has brilliantly tapped into the rising demand for elevated, customizable, and socially conscious food options. By understanding the evolving preferences of the next-gen consumer, they've expanded their menu to include plant-based alternatives and unique flavor combinations that resonate with a health-conscious and environmentally-aware audience. As the food industry continues to evolve, Big Chicken and Dog Haus are inspiring examples of how adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to delivering on next-gen food expectations can fuel remarkable growth and success.